One Bar, One Child


May 15, 2014

If you follow us on social media or frequent our website, you have probably noticed our latest addition to KUTOA's mission based product line. Although they aren't edible and delicious, our original strap back hats also provide you the opportunity to support our mission! For every hat you buy, we feed 10 children in need. By wearing a KUTOA branded hat you are also helping us advertise and bring brand awareness, which is not only stylish, but also empowering.    Our hat design was inspired by our own personal style as well as the "weird" vibe in KUTOA's home city of Austin, Texas. As we further our mission, we will also continue to expand our product line. With each new... Continue Reading →

Every Little Bit Helps.

May 06, 2014

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the problems taking place in the world. It seems like everything you hear on the news is one negative thing after another. It is discouraging and you wonder whether anything you do actually makes a difference. It is a depressing thought, but the truth is that most people think the world is getting worse. And with such negative beliefs it leaves you doing nothing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Earlier this year the Gates Foundation published their annual letter and did an amazing job dispelling three myths that block progress from the poor, which also in turn dissuades people from doing something to help those in need. The letter breaks... Continue Reading →