One Bar, One Child

Cooking with KUTOA: Blueberry Almond Crusted Cheese Cake!

January 19, 2015

Cook Time: 30-45 min. Servings: 8 Children Feed as a Result: 6              As part of our blog, KUTOA has begun experimenting with KUTOA Bars in recipes! We offer gluten free, vegan, non-GMO verified health bars, which are also free of soy, dairy and added sugar. More exciting than that, however, is KUTOA's mission-based business model, providing a meal to an undernourished child for every bar sold. In fact, as a result of cooking this Cheese Cake, 6 undernourished children received meals!!! For these reasons, KUTOA can be a unique cooking ingredient - an ingredient not only beneficial to your health, but to the health of children around the world too!!!             For our first recipe installment, KUTOA has baked up... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season!

December 16, 2014

Whether it’s sharing with your immediate kin, or sharing holiday spirits with others, the holiday season is about giving. With this celebrated season of giving growing near, many people find themselves seeking opportunity to give back. For this, KUTOA has assembled a list of 7 fantastic ways to give back, in order to further provide a brighter holiday season!   Save a Life by Donating Blood: Donating blood has always been an effective and direct way to give back to the community, but donating blood is especially crucial during the winter season. Usually as a result of poor weather, blood drives suffer shortages in blood donations during the winter season. Everyday the Red Cross supplies over 15,000 units of blood to... Continue Reading →