March 02, 2014


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Malnutrition is the #1 cause of childhood mortality, killing one child every 6 seconds.

When you enjoy a KUTOA product, you are not only investing in your own health,

you are investing in the health of children around the world - 

empowering them to go to school and contribute to their community

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Thank You Notes Serve as a Reminder

Last week, KUTOA received thank you notes from the amazing kiddos at Mustard Seed School in Sacramento, CA.

KUTOA's Joey Grassia and Alexis Gully taught a class on nutrition and donated bars at Mustard Seed. Mustard Seed School is a free and safe private school for homeless children between the ages of 3-15 years old. It is a fun, positive environment that allows students who would not regularly have the chance to attend school an opportunity to learn and excel.

These thank you notes serve as a simple but important reminder of why we do what we do at KUTOA. KUTOA was started to empower change around the world by spreading health, and this is a prime example of that mission in action.

Thank you to everyone that continues to support this mission. We will share more of our efforts soon!

Joey Grassia
Joey Grassia


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