July 22, 2012


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Malnutrition is the #1 cause of childhood mortality, killing one child every 6 seconds.

When you enjoy a KUTOA product, you are not only investing in your own health,

you are investing in the health of children around the world - 

empowering them to go to school and contribute to their community

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KUTOA Delivers 6,000 Health Bars to Low Income Children (Austin, TX)

Last week, KUTOA delivered over 6,000 health bars to underprivileged children in our new hometown of Austin, TX. These bars will be given to elementary age students at Foundation Communities’ Learning Centers, where children of local low income families participate in tutoring, health and fitness activities, and educational enrichment.

"Encouraging healthy eating and an active lifestyle is part of the after-school and summer program curriculum at our Learning Centers, and we are thrilled to receive this donation from KUTOA for the kids we serve all over Austin," said Walter Moreau, Executive Director of Foundation Communities.

The bars will be given out over the next several months to the over 500 K-12 students enrolled in Foundation Communities’ youth programs. KUTOA bars will provide these children with a 100% natural and healthy snack, while they attend these programs.

"Giving back to address child hunger is part of KUTOA's mission, and we want to give locally, as well as globally," said KUTOA founder Joey Grassia. "Foundation Communities does great work helping end homelessness and providing housing stability for Austin families, so it makes sense for us to partner with them locally to provide support in Austin."

KUTOA also uses the proceeds from the sale of their bars to combat worldwide child hunger and malnutrition. For every KUTOA bar purchased, a World Food Program nutrition pack is delivered to a child in need. The packs contain a recipe packed with the vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients essential for good health and prevention of mortality and illness among vulnerable populations.

KUTOA bars are available online and at select Whole Foods Markets.

Joey Grassia
Joey Grassia


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