May 07, 2013


Malnutrition is the #1 cause of childhood mortality, killing one child every 6 seconds.

When you enjoy a KUTOA product, you are not only investing in your own health,

you are investing in the health of children around the world - 

empowering them to go to school and contribute to their community

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Why Follow a One for One Business Model?

At KUTOA, we are very proud to follow a one for one business model, in order to spread health around the world. First popularized by companies such as TOMS  and FEED, the one for one movement is really quite simple. For every one item that is purchased, whether it be shoes, bags or, in our case, health bars, a good or service is given to someone else in need. While donating a portion of one’s proceeds is another charitable way companies give back, following a one for one model guarantees that the customers will have a measurable impact.  Each customer knows exactly what contribution his or her purchase has allowed them to make, and can rest assured that their money is going to be used to help improve the life of someone else. In other words, you can feel good about every purchase you make because you’re not just buying something for yourself, but giving something just as valuable to a person in need.

Here at KUTOA, we are honored to be partnered with the World Food Program USA and to spread our mission of health not only to the customers who purchase our bars, but to children suffering from malnutrition around the world. With every KUTOA bar that is purchased, a nutrition pack is given to a child in need. With the launch of our new line of Kid’s Squares, we are especially excited to apply the one for one model, and to give kids the chance to help other kids around the world. By purchasing a Kid’s Square, the customer is not only making a health conscious decision for their own child’s life, but providing children worldwide with one of the greatest fundamental tools for success, their health.

As humans, one of the most basic and vital needs that we have is our health. By adopting a one for one model for our business, we are able to address this need both in the United States, and abroad. While it may seem hard to believe, hunger is still the number one cause of death in children under the age of 5 worldwide. When children are able to have their basic nutritional needs met, they can thrive and become productive members of their society and create sustainable development in their communities. In addition to making sure that children around the world are being able to have their nutritional needs met, it’s important to us to ensure that we are creating a product that our customers here can feel good about eating.  In the United States, unhealthy diets and improper nutrition has led many people to develop chronic health problems. KUTOA bars are completely natural, gluten free, vegan-friendly and contain no artificial ingredients, making them the perfect fit into any healthy diet!

As we continue to gain momentum as a company, we’re excited to deliver more nutrition packs through our partnerships and continue to mold our company into one that makes a difference in the world!

Joey Grassia
Joey Grassia


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